Artist Statement
The unique style and detail of my works have
been enhanced by years growing up on the banks
of Crooked Lake. All our fun, entertainment and
exploration centered around the water. My
brother and I were constantly catching crayfish,
rubberback turtles and bullfrogs. When my
family and I moved away it was heartbreaking
for me. I have carried those idyllic lake days in
my heart down through the years and now my
paintings are full of those images. I am
challenged by water's mercurial moods and color
changes. I look for ways to capture reflection,
transparency and underlying currents of light. I
am fascinated especially portraying objects
looking through the water to the bottom,
floating on the surface or suspended between.
Sometimes when I look into the water I can still
see a little girl wading in the shallows watching
the minnows nibble her toes.
Jill grew up on Crooked Lake in Kalamazoo,
Michigan. She lived there until her senior year
of high school when her family moved to
Wilmington, Delaware. She did undergraduate
work at High Point College in North Carolina
and also attended Georgia Southwestern
College in Americus, Georgia. She studied
various visual media, but her major courses of
study were English Literature and Biology.

Jill has participated in various solo and juried
exhibitions around the state of Georgia
and her
work has received recognition at many of
including: Beaux Arts, Atlanta Beach,
Jonesboro, Best of Show; Artists of the
Southern Crescent Juried Exhibition; Fayette
County Courthouse Art Show in the Square,
Honorable Mention; One Man Show,
Performing Arts Center, Jonesboro, GA.;
Clayton County Festival of Art, 3 purchase
awards. Jill was represented by the Decatur
Market & Gallery in Atlanta. She is a juried
artist member of the Cape Cod Art Association

and also the Pastel Painters Society of Cape
. Her work is included in several corporate
and private collections. .

Jill lives
with her husband as a year round
resident on Cape Cod.
It's about water....
Clouds Over Cisco
5" x 7"
Colors on West Bay, Centerville MA
10" x 20"